Publishing Opportunity | March 1 deadline

Discard Studies is a relatively new endeavor, but it meshes well with other forms of scholarship and advocacy — especially those wanting to reach an audience outside academia. In that spirit, the Center for a Public Anthropology (warning: their link opens with music) has partnered with the University of California Press to issue a call for book proposals. They want projects that are not directed at fellow anthropologists but seek a wider general-interest readership. Examples they cite include Paul Farmer, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, and Aihwa Ong, among others. They also point to books by non-anthropologists — including Anne Fadiman, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Jared Diamond — whose work has had the kind of impact most anthropologists can only dream about. The winning entries will receive a publishing contract and $5,000.00. The proposal can be for a work in progress or for something entirely new. The deadline is March 1.