CFP: Plastic Pollution Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to consider plastic pollution from a variety of disciplines and catalyze collaboration. As plastics in the oceans, in bodies, as litter, and in industrial processes pose challenges to social, technical, economic, and scientific norms, it is necessary to consider plastic pollution from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.

Possible research topics include:
– history of plastic pollution and discards
– economics of plastic discards and its pollution
– body burdens and endocrine disruptors
– changes in toxicology brought about by plasticizers
– problems plastic pollution poses to regulation
– economic and social aspects of a plastic throw away society
– metrics and measurements of ocean plastics and body burdens
– processes and communication of plastic recycling and bioplastics
– popular and activist campaigns against plastic pollution and discards

Format & Participation:

Participants will circulate works in progress, completed papers, and readings of interest to other members for review and discussion. This may occur virtually or physically depending on the location of participants.

PhD students, faculty, independent scholars, and research-oriented advocates are welcome to participate.

This working group is not sponsored by any particular institution. Participants are welcome on an ongoing basis, but the first “meeting” will be Friday, October 14th.

Please contact Max Liboiron to join.
New York University, Media, Culture and Communication Dept
Co-Coordinator, Plastic Pollution Coalition- East Coast