Geographies of Waste: six panels at the AAG

This year’s Association of American Geographer’s Annual Conference in New York has five back-to-back sessions on waste. On Friday, February 24th, there will be a series of panels under the general heading of “Geographies of Waste:”

Geographies of Waste (1) Waste Infrastructures

8:00 AM   Author(s): *Julia Eleanor Corwin – University of Minnesota
Abstract Title: The waste of waste: The invisibility of organics in New York City’s trash

8:20 AM   Author(s): *Raysa J. Martinez Kruger – Rutgers University
Abstract Title: Governmental Rationalities of Garbage Management in New Jersey

8:40 AM   Author(s): *Virginia Maclaren – University of Toronto
Abstract Title: Shared Responsibility, Full Responsibility, No Responsibility: The Changing Landscape for Extended Producer Responsibility in Ontario

9:00 AM   Author(s): *Julian Cleary – Unversity of Toronto
Abstract Title: Waste prevention and life cycle assessment of residential waste management in Toronto, Canada

9:20 AM   Author(s): *Stefania Gallini, Dr – Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Abstract Title: Nature at work in the 19 c. waste regime of Bogotá, Colombia

1271 Geographies of Waste (2) Global flows

10:00 AM   Author(s): *Jamie Furniss – University of Oxford
Abstract Title: The Drop in Waste Prices in Cairo during the 2008 Economic Crisis

10:20 AM   Author(s): *Elizabeth Sibilia, M.F.A., M.A., PhD Student – CUNY
Abstract Title: “Histories collide on the beaches of Chittagong, Bangladesh: A geographically scaled analysis of shipbreaking.”

10:40 AM   Author(s): *Max Liboiron – New York University
Abstract Title: Planetary versus global scales: the case of plastic pollution

11:00 AM   Author(s): *Josh Lepawsky – Memorial University of Newfoundland
Charles Mather – Memorial University of Newfoundland
Abstract Title: Disarticulating electronic waste? Global value chains otherwise.

11:20 AM   Author(s): *Ujjaini Das – University of Georgia
Abstract Title: Role of India’s developmental state in the management of electronic waste

1471 Geographies of Waste (3) Bodies and Local Practices

12:40 PM   Author(s): *Uli Beisel – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Abstract Title: Provincialising Waste – the transformation of ambulance car 7/83-2 to tro-tro Dr.JESUS

1:00 PM   Author(s): *Devin Reitsma, MCRP, Willis Elkins
Abstract Title: Synthetic Tumbleweeds in the North American Food Desert

1:20 PM   Author(s): *Alan Metcalfe – University of Portsmouth, Mark Riley – Liverpool University
Abstract Title: Accommodating Waste

1:40 PM   Author(s): *Mike Dimpfl – UNC Chapel Hill
Abstract Title: From the Waste Down: Standing at the Intersection of Alternative Toilet Technology, Household Sewage, and Watershed Management Policy

2:00 PM   Author(s): *Margaret C Morales Corrigan – University of British Columbia – Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability
Abstract Title: Wastewater Management and Gender in the Villas of Buenos Aires

1571 Geographies of Waste (4) Food Wastes

2:40 PM   Author(s): *Craig Harris – Michigan State University, Erica Giorda – Michigan State University
Abstract Title: Social and Spatial Locations of Food Waste

3:00 PM   Author(s): *Catherine Jampel – The Pennsylvania State University
Abstract Title: Theorizing the food (waste) cycle

3:20 PM   Author(s): *Ekaterina De Vries – Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Sebastian Abrahamsson
Abstract Title: I may be looking for waste, but I eat food’: On the Legal and Organic limits of Eating Wasted Food

3:40 PM   Author(s): *Adam Diamond, Ph.D – USDA
Marna Hauk, M.A. – Doctoral Student in Sustainability Education at Prescott College,Director of the Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies in Portland, Oregon
Abstract Title: Across the Scales of Fate: The Regenerative Geographies of Compost

1671 Geographies of Waste (5) The Remainder…

4:40 PM   Author(s): *Eric Binion – University of Victoria, Jutta Gutberlet – University of Victoria
Abstract Title: “Yeah, I am good. I am still standing” – A study of the perceptions of health and injuries associated with informal recycling in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

5:00 PM   Author(s): *Samantha Macbride – Columbia U.
Abstract Title: Three Dimensions of Coal Ash: Contested Definitions of a U.S. Industrial Waste Closely Linked to Climate Change

5:20 PM   Author(s): *Hudson McFann – New York University
Abstract Title: Left behind: children and the wastes of war

5:40 PM   Author(s): *Jutta Gutberlet, Dr. – UVic
Abstract Title: ‘Waste to energy’ expanding the geography of despair and resistance

6:00 PM   Author(s): *Kevin Hetherington – The Open University
Abstract Title: Geographies of Disposal

This map shows the production of flammable, oxidising, infectious, radioactive, poisonous, ecotoxic (poisonous to plants/animals), or corrosive waste. The three biggest producers are the Russian Federation, United States and Uzbekistan.To read about the map and to see other maps based on different criteria, check out the Worldmapper website.

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    • Hi, Björn. I am not sure, but I will check at the conference and post here if they are.

    • So none of the panels were recorded, but we will be asking all panelists to guest post on Discard Studies in the coming months. Stay tuned for those!

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