Urban Societies and Waste (Sociétés Urbaines et Déchets) Network

We’d like to introduce the SUD network to Discard Studies readers!

Urban Societies and Waste (Sociétés Urbaines et Déchets) is a network which brings together researchers and PhD students in the humanities and social sciences with the aim of synthesizing ongoing research on the question of waste management in French and foreign contexts, where this constitutes a problematic issue: indeed, beyond local specificities and the strictly technical aspects, the contexts studied have in common the presentation of a ‘crisis’ situation bringing a diverse group of agents into play (inhabitants, users, residents, local authorities, the private sector, NGOs, community groups, the media, etc.).

They have a fantastic resource collection of PhD work, articles, audio visual work, images, websites and more. A lot of it is in French, but it is worth checking out!