Registration open for TRASH Postgraduate Conference at the University of Sussex

TRASH is a one day postgraduate conference at the University of Sussex, and a curated evening of art, film and music at The Basement in central Brighton. It is organised and partly funded by Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies (SCCS).

£10/£5 student. Register here.

Evening of art, film and music – Thursday 13th September

To coincide with TRASH at the University of Sussex the conference organisers will be curating an evening of art at The Basement in central Brighton. The evening will be the welcome event for the conference and it will also provide the opportunity to engage with and network around the theme of trash outside of the academy. Confirmed exhibits include: interactive installation; music and sound; short film; photography; workshops; archive material.

Arpad Boczen, Sweet Urban Stink in our Ears, Advanced School of Architecture, Budapest

Alice Bradshaw, Short Film: Rubbish (2011) and The Museum of Contemporary Rubbish Video Acquisition Booth University of Huddersfield

Johanna Bramli, ReCycle~: an interactive sound installation, Northbrook College, University of Brighton

Francisco Calafate-Faria, Images from the ‘Museum of Rubbish’ in Curitiba, Brazil, Goldsmiths, University of London

Loren McCarthy, Photography: The Volume of Consumerism, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge School of Art

Ben Parry, Short Film: Ballad of Lonesome Barry Row (2010), University of West Scotland

Clare ThomasPlastic Beaches, Plastic Sea: Knitting Exhibit and Knitting Workshop, University College Falmouth

Cheryl Roberts, Items from the Dress and Textiles Teaching Collection, University of Brighton

The Landfill. Photo by Loren McCarthy, presenting at TRASH.

Postgraduate conference – Friday 14th Sept

In this one day postgraduate conference we propose to rummage through the trash heap of history, art, media, culture, politics, and society in order to uncover new scholarly approaches and methods that continue to appropriate and recycle theories of trashPapers will approach themes of excess, filth and debris from a variety of scholarly approaches.

Arpad Boczen, Sweet Urban Stink in our Ears, Advanced School of Architecture, Budapest

Francisco Calafate-FariaThe ‘Museum of Rubbish’ in Curitiba: Short-Cycling or Line of Flight?, Goldsmiths, University of London

Sarah Carney‘Sometimes a tampon in a banana skin is just a tampon in a banana skin’— Don DeLillo: keeping trash trash because beauty is truth and truth is death,  University of Sussex

Amy  Carson, Title TBC, University of Leeds,

Munira CheemaAssessing the power of Trash TV in Pakistani television culture, University of Sussex

Natacha ChevalierWhen waste was trash: The thrifty 30s and 40s, University of Sussex

Bel Deering, Mortal Remains: the perils, pitfalls and pleasures of studying rubbish in a graveyard setting, University of Brighton

Simon Hobbs, Antichrist as the Culturally Schizophrenic Artefact, University of Portsmouth

Chris Lloyd, Title TBC, Goldsmiths, University of London

James MacDowellSo Bad it’s Good: Value, Intention, and the Aesthetics of Ironic Appreciation, University of Warwick

Claire Reddleman“Modern and contemporary route-finding”: reactivating dead labour as spheres of appearance in ‘Pennine Street 2012, Goldsmiths, University of London

Cheryl RobertsSkeletons in her Cupboard, University of Brighton

Clare ThomasPlastic Beaches, Plastic Sea, University College Falmouth

Will VineyEliot’s Exhalations, Assistant Editor, Pluto Press; Commissioning Editor, Pod Academy

Tally Yaacobi-GrossRemembering the discarded: Waste, guilt and trauma, Goldsmiths, University of London