This Friday in NYC: Fixer’s Collective


Come join us for our next fixing session…

This Thursday, November 15th
at Tony’s Studio!
123 8th St.
Between 2nd and 3rd Ave.

Gowanus, Brooklyn
Trains – R, F, G to 4th Ave 9th St. Stop
7-10pmAll are welcome!
(We suggest a $5 donation for each item fixed, but no one will be turned away)
Want to let us know what you’re bringing? Email us at


We’ve posted about the Fixer’s Collective here on Discard Studies before, and particularly how they use a maker’s methodology of fixing to explore relationships people have with their objects, how those relationships change when they are about to discard something, and how it changes again when they learn to fix or re-purpose the object. I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the Brooklyn area, even if you don’t have something to fix. They are a group of interesting, intelligent and eclectic individuals, and what they have to say about waste and discards from a Fixer’s perspective is worth the trip.
From their website:
The Fixers’ Collective seeks to displace cultural patterns that alienate us from our things, by collectively learning the skills and patience necessary to care for them. Intentionally aligning itself with forces generated in reaction to the current economic crisis, the Fixers’ Collective promotes a counter-ethos that values functionality, simplicity, and ingenuity and that respects age, persistence and adequacy.