CFP: Global Garbage: Excess, Waste, and Abandonment in the Contemporary City

Hosted by the Centre for the Study of European and North African Relations (SENAR)
University of London Institute in Paris.
June 12-13, 2014.

Organized by the ASCA Cities Project in collaboration with SENAR and the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies, this interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars from across the humanities and social sciences to explore the many ways in which garbage  in its diverse forms and articulations  is being produced, managed, experienced, imagined, circulated, concealed, and aestheticized in contemporary urban environments and across different creative and cultural practices. To what extent are contemporary cities becoming wastelands? In what ways are the global economics of excess and waste reshaping urban communities? How do the ever accelerating cycles of production, consumption, and disposal redirect urban flows of capital, commodities, data, and people? What new types and concepts of waste are produced by mechanisms of time-space compression and intensified global connectivity? How do imaginaries of trash or ruination figure in urban policy discourses and their counter-narratives? And what is the position of waste, dirt, and residue in a pervasive visual culture of excess?

Engaging with these sorts of questions, the conference will explore how, and under what conditions, contemporary forms/sites of excess, waste, and abandonment perpetuate  but also sometimes counter  the imbalances of power often associated with global cities.

Please email proposals (max. 300 words) for 20-minute papers, together with a short CV, before November 1, 2013, to the organizers:

Christoph Lindner (University of Amsterdam): Miriam
Meissner (University of Amsterdam):
More information is available in the conferences section of the ASCA Cities website:

A selection of the conference papers will be published as an edited book, targeted for publication in the Cities and Cultures book series at Amsterdam University Press.