CFP: Mobile Trash

Edited by Mél Hogan & Andrea Zeffiro (January 2016)

For this special issue of Wi: Journal of Mobile Media, we are gathering contributions that address the idea of ‘mobile trash.’

The intention of this issue is to reconfigure the concepts of ‘mobile’ and ‘mobilities’ in relation to trash, by its various definitions and formations, from new materialism, feminism, media ecology, media archaeology, and queer frameworks.

We’re especially interested in short pieces (2500 words) and creative interventions that explore mobile trash as pollution, fumes, compost, satellites, e-waste, toxins, bodies, drones, viruses, hacks, landfill, etc. We welcome pieces that poetically engage the politics of trash and speak to its borders, transitions, movements, materialities, shifts, contagions, ecologies, permutations, mutations, and invisible transferences.

The online issue goes live January 2016 and will be accompanied by a print-on-demand issue.

If interested, please send us a 300 word abstract to
Include your name, personal URL, and title of submission.


/ Deadline for abstracts: Nov 1, 2014.
/ We will let you know if your project is selected by Feb 1, 2015.
/ Final submissions due: Sept 1, 2015.
/ Issue goes live: January 1, 2016.


Wi: journal of mobile media (pronounced wī) was founded in 2006 as in-house publication of the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN) and has since operated under the aegis of the Mobile Media Lab. The Lab has two nodes, one in Montreal ( and one in Toronto ( is an open- access peer-reviewed experimental journal. The mandate of the journal is to create an interdisciplinary international dialogue for scholars to explore the  “term” mobilities in all of its many manifestations, although the history of the journal indicates an emphasis on the connection of mobilities research to media studies, the media arts and communications. We are particularly interested in publishing works that use media (images, sounds, animations) as a major component of their articles, although this is not a requirement.