Four faculty job openings in Global Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene cluster (NC State)

As part of the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program, North Carolina (NC) State University seeks candidates for four tenured or tenure-track faculty positions to provide key leadership in the Global Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (Global WaSH) Faculty Cluster.

Each position will be located in an appropriate Department (Sociology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, etc) within the University commensurate with expertise, degree area, and training. The successful faculty candidate(s) will have expertise in one or more areas related to Global WaSH, such as: science and technology of water provision or human waste management; sociology/socioecology of WaSH; environmental and public health protection; and WaSH entrepreneurship, economics, or public policy.

We seek innovative and transformative academic leaders whose scholarship will advance NC State’s position as one of the premier universities of its kind. These hires will build on a nationally leading, campus-wide strength in multidisciplinary water and environmental research, education, and outreach that can be harnessed to develop scalable water and sanitation solutions in underserved areas around the world.

The aim of Global WaSH is to position NC State as a leading university in the US conducting critical research and teaching in vital and complex water and sanitation issues. The research and teaching will be inspired and anchored on community-based projects located in developing countries. The focus will be an exciting, innovative, and novel scholarship that reflects the realities and complexities of resource constraints, human aspirations, and culture in developing countries. The Global WaSH cluster will comprise a group of highly promising and leading faculty members who will address the scientific, social, and policy issues associated with providing sustainable water and sanitation in underserved communities in the developing world. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the WaSH challenge, this cluster will include faculty with expertise in environmental science and technology, public health, social science and socioecology, entrepreneurship, development economics, and public policy, and related areas. We expect that these faculty hires will establish an active research and teaching collaboratorium across multiple departments and colleges focusing on WaSH issues in developing countries. Because the longstanding problems in water and sanitation have not been solved using existing approaches, we expect that new solutions, including new waste conversion technologies, data-driven business concepts, and social science innovations, will arise out of this interdisciplinary focus.

Deadline: 11/25/2015

Full job ad is here.