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rock-bitDiscard studies is an emerging field that takes waste and wasting as its topic of study. To keep practitioners up-to-date, Discard Studies publishes The Dirt, a monthly compilation of recent publications, positions, opportunities, and calls for proposals in the field. Here is The Dirt for October 2018.

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  • Heritage in Reverse: Material Values, Waste and Deconstruction, Oct. 26-27, 2018 at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. The symposium includes a walking tour of recent reuse examples in Ottawa that are charged with complex symbolism, and paper sessions that bring together established practitioners, current scholars and emerging policy-makers to discuss: What can be learned from deconstruction sites about materials reuse opportunities in heritage work? What does recent research tell us about possibilities of connecting heritage conservation with waste? Which policies can guide difficult conservation decisions in the context of demolition and salvage?

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If you have an item to add to The Dirt, please contact We are especially interested in non-English language submissions, and those from outside North America.

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