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Discard studies is an emerging field that takes waste and wasting as its topic of study. To keep practitioners up-to-date, Discard Studies publishes The Dirt, a monthly compilation of recent publications, positions, opportunities, and calls for proposals in the field. Here is The Dirt for April 2019.

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  • S-Bend “The S-bend was a bit of pipe with a curve in it. This simple invention became the missing ingredient to create the flushing toilet – and, with it, public sanitation as we know it.”
  • Is Cyberspace Biodegradable?” How Did We Get Here?“It is clear that the environmental impact of cyberspace is anything but ‘virtual.'”Dr. Josh Lepawsky–a geographer and e-waste technology researcher–takes us into the world of our tech. Pull out your phones for this adventure through cyberspace–and, it turns out, our own backyards.
  • Media Indigena Episode 156: Liberal Smugness in the Face of Slow-Motion Genocide: “After an advocate interrupts a recent partisan fundraiser to implore Canada’s prime minister to do right by a First Nation ravaged by industrial pollution, Justin Trudeau thought it’d be funny to thank her for her ‘donation’ as security escorted her out.”
  • Giftiges Erbe in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Sanierung von DDR-Altlasten. “Die DDR-Chemieindustrie in Bitterfeld und Wolfen hat Grundwasser und Böden nachhaltig verseucht. 200 Millionen Kubikmeter giftiges Grundwasser warten 30 Jahre nach dem Fall der Mauer immer noch auf eine nachhaltige Sanierung.”
  • Our chemicalized world, new podcast series. E1: European pesticide authorization and chlorothalonil ban; E0: Introduction to Our chemicalized world.
  • Canadland COMMONS Crude “This season, COMMONS is focusing on Canada’s relationship with the oil industry.”
  • CBC Sunday Edition, “Why your recycling may not actually get recycled“.


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