Victory at Standing Rock reflects a failure of US energy and climate policy


Fracking, mining, murder: the killer agenda driving migration in Mexico and Central America

John M. Grunsfeld helps to repair and replace the power control unit on the Hubble Telescope on NASA’s third service mission. The last and final service mission was in 2009. Photo taken on 2 March 2002. From Wikimedia Commons.

Anthropocene Adjustments: Discarding the Technosphere


Toxic Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance: A Summary in Tweets


Which came first: people of colour or pollution?

Image 1: One busy corner of the Sham Shui Po second-hand night market (photo courtesy of author).

Emergent Socialities of Waste

Concept of one Dettah Yourth: keep the site ugly so everyone knows something bad has happened here.

Designing for the Future at Giant Mine

Image by 
Jay Hilgert.
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Article Alert! Place and Defilement Signposts Toward a New Theory of Purity in Sibley’s Geographies of Exclusion

Image produced with a Thermal Flashlight by the Firelog Collective. Hotter areas are red, and colder areas are blue. Green indicates the mid-range of temperature.

Wasted Heat as Northern Commons: Hot Spots in the Square

Debris plot by NASA. A computer-generated image of objects in Earth orbit that are currently being tracked. Approximately 95% of the objects in this illustration are orbital debris, i.e., not functional satellites. The dots represent the current location of each item. The orbital debris dots are scaled according to the image size of the graphic to optimize their visibility and are not scaled to Earth. Public domain image by NASA.

Bibliography on Space Trash & Orbital Debris