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Three calls for papers about the indeterminacy of waste and pollution 3/1/13

Two calls for papers and one workshop are all due March 1, and they all have something in common: the indeterminacy of waste and pollution, and the struggle to make the effects determinant. The CFP for the Canadian Association of Geographers states: “It seems impossible to definitively ascertain, calculate, or identify waste once and for all or always and everywhere.”  The […]
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CFP: Waste and indeterminacy

Call for Papers: Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, August 11-15, 2013 Special Session: Waste and indeterminacy Waste foments a lively conversation in geography, the social sciences, engineering, and the humanities. Specific topics proliferate – plastic bags and bottles, ocean waste, shipbreaking, e-waste, (in)formal economization, household recycling, landfilling, and sewage to name only a few – but a recurrent theme in what […]
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