Discard Studies is supported by an editorial team. This team writes and solicits posts, manages guest author pitches, and supports the day to day financial, technical, and administrative aspects of the Discard Studies in line with long-term goals for supporting the field.

Max Liboiron, Managing Editor
Max Liboiron is an Assistant Professor in Geography at Memorial University, where she directs the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR), a marine science laboratory that specialises in community-based environmental monitoring of marine plastic pollution. Liboiron’s research bridges the natural and social sciences by creating scientific tools and protocols out of feminist and anti-colonial thought. Liboiron has written for and managed Discard Studies since 2011.

Josh Lepawsky, Collaborating Editor
Josh Lepawsky is Associate Professor of Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Questions informing his research include where and how are contemporary discards made? Where do they travel and where do their effects accumulate? Who gets what discards, where, how, and under what conditions? He is also interested in how maintenance and repair, broadly conceived, might offer both literal and figurative lessons for figuring out how to live well together in permanently polluted and always breaking worlds. More information about Josh Lepawsky’s work can be found at https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7022-1568

Alex Zahara, Collaborating Editor
Alex Zahara (Settler, He/Him) is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Alfred Deakin Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He is also a PhD Candidate (Geography) at Memorial University in Newfoundland, whose research focuses on structures of settler colonialism, pollution and risk management. His PhD dissertation ‘Worlding Fire Management’ looks at how externalities are produced and refuted through wildfire management practices near his home community in Treaty 6 Territory, Northern Saskatchewan. He is facilitator of the Queer Science Reading Group.


Robin Nagle, Founder
Robin Nagle is the author of Picking Up: On the Streets and Behind the Trucks with the Sanitation Workers of New York CityShe has been the anthropologist-in-residence at the Department of Sanitation in New York City since 2006, and worked as a sanitation worker before that time. Nagle teaches anthropology and environmental studies at New York University, where she continues to speak. teach, research, and write about waste. Nagle founded Discard Studies in 2010.