How is Discard Studies funded? By readers! We have a Paetron account where people can donate funds, from $1/month to a one-time donation of $50. We list those donors here. Many thanks for keeping Discard Studies in server fees and a small stipend for a graduate student co-editor. Other editors volunteer their work. In the future, we aim to pay writers for their work.


Sanitarians contribute a significant, regular amount that allows Discard Studies to flourish! Thank you!

  • John Krygier
  • Sakiko Isomichi
  • Brian Kahrs
  • Andrew Thaler
  • Samantha MacBride


Disardians chip in to make Discard Studies possible. Thank you! Every bit helps!

  • Alfreda McCray
  • Andrea Schimpf
  • Arn Keeling
  • Carl Zimring
  • Connor Hughes
  • Cynthia Deng
  • Elinor Wegerner
  • Elisabeth Gessat Anstett
  • Finn Arne Jørgensen
  • Joel Rogers
  • Jordan
  • Josh Lepawsky
  • Jude Keefe
  • Kate Parizeau
  • Dr. Laura Hapke
  • Luming Hao
  • Mary Klein
  • Melissa Hardie
  • Merissa Daborn
  • Rachel Coleman
  • Rebecca Altman
  • Samantha Lang
  • Sarah Doyle
  • Sarah Nahar
  • Schimpf
  • Two anonymous donors

Special thanks to Memorial University’s Office of the Vice President (Research) for funding Discard Studies during our 2020 strike and COVID and ensuring our graduate student worker stayed paid!