How is Discard Studies funded? By readers! We have a Paetron account where people can donate funds, from $1/month to a one-time donation of $50. We list those donors here. Many thanks for keeping Discard Studies in server fees and a small stipend for a graduate student co-editor. Other editors volunteer their work. In the future, we aim to pay writers for their work.


Sanitarians contribute a significant, regular amount that allows Discard Studies to flourish! Thank you!

  • Mfon Oton
  • Brian Kahrs
  • Andrew Thaler
  • Samantha MacBride


Disardians chip in to make Discard Studies possible. Thank you! Every bit helps!

  • Alfreda McCray
  • Andrea Schimpf
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  • Finn Arne Jørgensen
  • Joel Rogers
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  • Josh Lepawsky
  • Kate Parizeau
  • Dr. Laura Hapke
  • Luming Hao
  • Mary Klein
  • Melissa Hardie
  • Merissa Daborn
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  • Schimpf

Special thanks to Memorial University’s Office of the Vice President (Research) for funding Discard Studies during our 2020 strike and COVID and ensuring our graduate student worker stayed paid!