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Dissertations and theses are listed in chronological order:

De Rosa, S. (2017). Reclaiming Territory from Below: Grassroots Environmentalism and Waste Conflicts in Campania, Italy(Doctoral dissertation, Lund University).

Demaria, F. (2017). Social metabolism, cost-shifting and conflicts: The struggles and services of informal waste recyclers (Doctoral dissertation, Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Bolt, I. (2017). Recreating Waste as a Creative Concern. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Manchester).

DeLorenzo, A. (2017). Closing the Loop, or Running in Circles? Assessing Food Waste Policy in Ontario (Doctoral dissertation, University of Guelph).

Pollans, L. B. (2017). Wasteways: regimes and resistance on the path to sustainable urban infrastructure (Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Jensen, C. K.  The Rhetoric of Circular Economy in the Textile Industry. 2015.

Wallsten, B. The Urk World – Hibernating Infrastructures and the Quest for Urban Mining. (Doctoral Dissertation). Linköping University, 2015.

Guitard, Emile. The Great Chief Must Be Like The Great Trash Pile”: Waste Management And Power Relations in The Cities of Garoua and Maroua (Cameroon)Ecole doctorale Milieux, cultures et sociétés du passé et du présent (Nanterre), 2015.

Offenhuber, Dietmar. Participatory infrastructure monitoring : design factors and limitations of accountability technologies. (Doctoral Dissertation) MIT, 2014.

Calcote, Joshua C. An Assessment of Post-Disaster Psychological Stress in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Workers. (Doctoral Dissertation) The University of Texas School of Public Health, 2012.

Furniss, Jamie.  Metaphors of Waste: Several Ways of Seeing “Development” and Cairo’s Garbage Collectors. (Doctoral Dissertation) University College, 2012.

Liboiron, Max.  Redefining Pollution: Plastics in the Wild. (Doctoral Dissertation) New York University, 2012.

Pineo, Chris. In the Garden of the Apocalypse: Narrating Myth and Reality in the Hanford Landscape. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Washington, 2012.

Viney, Will. Waste Effects: Building, Writing and Collecting.(Doctoral Dissertation) University of London, 2012.

Yates, Michelle Lynn. Ecological Crisis: Nature, Labor, and the Historical Specificity of Capitalism. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of California, Davis, 2012.

Farah, Leila Marie. Food Paths, Architecture and Urban Form. A Case Study. (Doctoral Dissertation) McGill University (Canada), 2011.

Kedzior, Sya Buryn. Pollution Knowledge and Urban Water Politics in the Ganges River Basin (India). (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Kentucky, 2011.

Steere-Williams, Jacob. The Perfect Food and the Filth Disease: Milk, Typhoid Fever, and the Science of State Medicine in Victorian Britain, 1850-1900. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Minnesota, 2011.

Feinstein, Eve Samara. Sexual Pollution in the Hebrew Bible. (Doctoral Dissertation) Harvard University, 2010.

Freer, Brian. Future Remains: Industrial Heritage at the Hanford Plutonium Works. (Doctoral Dissertation)York University (Canada), 2010.

Lou, Jingjing. The School Wall Crumbles: Pollution, Townization, and the Changing Ecology of Rural Schooling in Northwest China. (Doctoral Dissertation) Indiana University, 2010.

Gambetta, Curt. Making Waste Public. (Doctoral Dissertation) Rice University, 2009.

Anderson, Jessica. Fueling a Body’s Politics: Freegans, Food and Refuse. (Masters Thesis) New York University, 2008.

Bruce, Kristy Wasserbach. Waste, Worship and Cricket: Bridging Phytoremediation and Ethnobotany on Recreational Landscapes in India. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Colorado at Denver, 2008.

Dokko, Misun Michelle. Dirty Bodies: Filth and Marginal Characters in Asian American Literature. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Maryland, College Park, 2008.

Lincoln, Sarah L. Expensive Shit: Aesthetic Economies of Waste in Postcolonial Africa. (Doctoral Dissertation)Duke University, 2008.

Reno, Josh. Out of Place: Possibility and Pollution at a Transnational Landfill. (Doctoral  dissertation) University of Michigan, 2008.

Dillon, Jennifer Reed. Modernity, Sanitation and the Public Bath: Berlin, 1896–1933, as Archetype. (Doctoral Dissertation) Duke University, 2007.

Gravano, Alan Joseph. The Transfiguration of the Discarded: Consumption and Waste in Wallace Stevens, A. R. Ammons, Don DeLillo, and Martin Scorsese. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Miami, 2006.

Merrill, Derek Schwartz. Abject Americans: Waste, Obsolescence, and Strategies of Recycling in Twentieth-Century American Literature. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Florida, 2006.

Kendall, Tina Suzanne. Making Waste: Disposable Culture and the Cultural Politics of Consumption in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century French Literature and Film. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of California, Davis, 2005.

Vostral, S. L. Conspicuous menstruation: the history of menstruation and menstrual hygiene products in America, 1870-1960 (Doctoral dissertation). 2004.

Sivulka, Juliann. Stronger than Dirt: A Cultural History of Advertising Personal Hygiene in America, 1875 to 1940 (Doctoral Dissertation) Bowling Green State University, 2000.

San Sebastián, Miguel, and Juan Antonio Córdoba. ana Curi: The Impact of Oil Development on the Health of the People of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Departamento de Pastoral Social Del Vicariato de Aguarico, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Medicus Mundi. Coca, Ecuador: CICAME, 1999.

Yang, Jung Hye. Mainstreaming America and Media Hegemony: How Network Television News has Constructs the Meanings of the Industrial Toxic Waste Movement. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Minnesota, 1999.

Shea, Jo Anne. Productive Waste: Rhetorical Economies in Thomas Middleton’s City Comedies. (Doctoral Dissertation) The University of Texas at Austin, 1998.

Slater, Janet S. Trash to Treasures: A Qualitative Study of the Relationship between Collectors and Collectible Brands. (Doctoral Dissertation) Syracuse University, 1998.

Lin, Tan Anthony. Garbage, Truth, and the Recycling of Modern Life. (Doctoral Dissertation) Columbia University, 1995.

Bacot, Alan Hunter. Mass Images of Environmental Problems: Network News Coverage of Waste Issues, 1975-1990. (Doctoral Dissertation) The University of Tennessee, 1992.

Del, Rosario Cabral. Garbage Housing in Informal Settlements. (Doctoral Dissertation) McGill University (Canada), 1992.

Jenner, Mark S. R. Early Modern English Conceptions of Cleanliness and Dirt as Reflected in the Environmental Regulation of London, c. 1530-c. 1700. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Oxford (United Kingdom), 1992.

Hamlin, Christopher. What becomes of pollution?: Adversary science and the controversy on the self-purification of rivers in Britain, 1850-1900. (Doctoral Dissertation) University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1987.