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Copyright on the Farm

In 2015, tractor manufacturer John Deere made waves for sending its dealers a letter asserting that when farmers repaired their own John Deere equipment, what they were really doing was violating US copyright law. At the time, this came as news to a lot of farmers: as a characteristically self-sufficient community, they’d always repaired their equipment on their own. How did putting a computer on a tractor change this?

Call for Contributions: Cultures of Repair (June 30)

Last Call for Contributions: Cultures of Repair (edited collection) Edited by Mark Rainey and Theo Reeves-Evison Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of LondonSuggested themes: Aesthetics of Repair, Technologies of Repair, Post-Colonial Reparations, Reparative JusticeWhat does it mean to repair something? Is it to restore function, to compensate for a fault, deterioration, or deficiency, or […]
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