Falling In Love with “This is New York’s Strongest”

We’ve mentioned Lisa Dowda and Liz Ligon before; they are the creative force behind Chasing Sanitation, a website about the lives and labors of New York City’s sanitation workers. This weekend they move beyond the web, into an exhibition opening Saturday in New York.

Their work deserves a wide audience. Ligon’s photographs are lush and poetic, while Dowda’s narratives are funny, poignant, wry, and keenly observant. Together they create a surprisingly moving portrait of a workforce and, by extension, of the city itself. Those of us with a special affinity for Sanitation will especially appreciate the combination of playfulness and compassion that marks the entire effort.

Alice Speri writes about Chasing Sanitation in the New York Times’ City Room blog today. Keep an eye out for more press when the show opens on Saturday. Better yet, visit in person!