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Discard studies is an emerging field that takes systems of waste and wasting as its topic of study, including but beyond conventional notions of trash and garbage. To keep practitioners up-to-date, Discard Studies publishes The Dirt, a monthly compilation of recent publications, positions, opportunities, and calls for proposals in the field. Here is The Dirt for December 2019 and January 2020.

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Note: If an article is behind a paywall, email the author. They are almost always authorized by copyright to distribute their own work.

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Calls for Proposals & Participation

Open panels at Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference, 18-21 August 2020, Prague. Deadline for abstracts: 28 February 2020. See panel descriptions.

  • Acknowledging residues: the (un)-making of an environmental concern
  • Approaching the Digital Anthropocene
  • Articulating and Relating to Different Forms of the Good in Bad Situations
  • Be(com)ing industrial: objects, scales, and power dynamics at play
  • Citing the South: Infometrics and Open Science for Sustainable Development in the Global South
  • Commodifying environmental data: markets, materiality, knowledge
  • Death Itself: Technology, Ethics, and Ambiguity
  • Decentring datacentres: their politics, energy, waste and epistemics
  • Digital pollutions: resource consumption, waste and environmental problems in information societies
  • Disciplining the senses
  • Disgust
  • Doing STS amid the Procession of Disaster
  • Dying at the Margins: Emerging Material-Discursive Perspectives on Death and Dying
  • Engineering Extinction: Prospects, Uncertainties, and Responsibilities in Planned Extinction
  • Extractivism Revisited: STS Perspectives
  • Fossil Legacies – Re-Assembling Work, Gender and Technology in the Coal Phase Out
  • Grotesque Epistemologies
  • Growing old in a more-than human world: Materialities of care and interspecies entanglements
  • Hormonal paradoxes: circulations, access, exposures
  • Histories And Ecologies of Therapeutic Places
  • Infrastructures of Care: Disability, Autonomy, Inter/Dependencies
  • Maintenance and its knowledges
  • Materiality, Knowledges, Inequalities: Multiplicity and Sovereignty in a Post_Colonial World
  • Making chemical kin
  • More-than-Human Ethnographies of Global Health
  • Mutagenic Legacies and Future Living
  • Nonhuman Vision: How Technologies and Animals See and Make Sense
  • ‘Not doing’ in times of crisis: agency and the urgency of pause and restraint
  • STS and Political Ecology: Exploring socially just and ecologically sustainable emerging worlds
  • STS Underground: Locating Matter and Agency in emerging subterranean Worlds
  • The Bio(Techno)logical Politics of Synchrony
  • The Ontological Politics of the Anthropocene
  • Waste. Locating, Learning From, and Living With the Lively Afterlives of Globalization’s Distributed Materialities
  • What happens when we all agree: Governing non epistemic controversies

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Positions and Opportunities

If you have an item to add to The Dirt, please contact We are especially interested in non-English language submissions, and those from outside North America and Europe.

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