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A very large pile of dirt

Discard Studies is a young field of research that takes systems of waste and wasting as its topic of study, including but beyond conventional notions of trash and garbage. To keep practitioners up-to-date, Discard Studies publishes The Dirt, a monthly compilation of recent publications, positions, opportunities, and calls for proposals in the field. Here is The Dirt for April, 2021.

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Peer-reviewed articles & books

Note: If an article is behind a paywall, email the author. They are almost always authorized by copyright to distribute their own work.

We have begun posting the gender parity of The Dirt, especially given evidence that COVID-19 is increasing the skew in knowledge production to be ever more male, white, and childless. This bibliography is about 30.4% percent women-authored based on the Summers Gender Balance Assessment Tool. This is our lowest rate yet.

Theses and Dissertations

  • Landia, Niva. (2021). “MATERIA INSTABILE: UNA LETTURA ANTROPOLOGICA DEI RIFIUTI AI TEMPI DELL’ANTROPOCENE/Unstable matter: an anthropological reading of waste at the time of the Anthropocene.” (Thesis, Universita Degli Studi Di Milano-Biocca).



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