New syllabi: “Wastelands”

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Many thanks to Caitlin DeSilvey at the University of Exeter in the UK for submitting her syllabus “Wastelands.” Wastelands is an upper level course taught via the geography department. The course, or module, description is as follows:

“In this module, waste-making is approached as a dynamic cultural phenomenon that works to stabilize (and destabilize) social, spatial, and ecological orders. We study how waste is made and handled (household waste and waste management), how waste circulates through global systems (e-waste trade, geopolitics of waste), how wasted places are degraded and reclaimed (environmental remediation, post-industrial dereliction) and how ruined places are assigned cultural and aesthetic value (urban decay, historical appreciation of ruins).”

A complete PDF of the syllabus is posted on our syllabi page. Enjoy!