Two newly launched open-access waste journals

Worldwide Waste Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Journal of Waste Management and Environmental Issues are two new, open-access journals dedicated to waste and issues surrounding waste. Both are currenlty taking papers. Details are below.

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Worldwide Waste is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal presenting innovative research on waste from around the world. It critically interrogates the cultural, social, economic and political systems within which waste is created, managed and circulated.

The journal privileges no particular theories, debates or trends. Its goal is to actively stimulate publications of innovative scholarship on relatively unexplored topics and/or from geographical areas that have thus far been underrepresented in waste studies. One of the aims of the journal is to counteract the Eurocentric character of much current work about waste.

As interdisciplinarity is the central principle of the journal, submissions are encouraged from across the humanities and social sciences, including anthropology, archaeology, ecology, geography, history, literature, philosophy, politics, sociology, science and technology studies, and the visual and performing arts.

Worldwide Waste has now launched and is open to submissions for its inaugural volume, planned for early 2017. We welcome all submissions that fit within the scope of the journal. Full details on how to prepare and submit a manuscript can be found on our website.

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Journal of Waste management and Environmental Issues, is an international journal serving as a worldwide platform to share the recent technologies, developments and strategies in waste management and other related issues. The journal publishes original articles, reviews and commentaries, reports from a wide range of disciplines.
Journal of Waste management and global issues is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, which adopts open access policy. Thus, enabling the environmentalist, research scholars and industrials around the globe to access to the recent developments without any restriction. The journal serves as a interface to share, discuss on the various information related to waste management like source, characterization, prevention, handling, recycle and disposal of final residue that is non hazardous.
J waste management and environmental issues provides a vast platform to discuss about the various strategies to manage soil waste from municipal, agriculture, residential, hazardous, bio-medical and sewage sludge. The Journal serves as a podium for the scientist, industrialists, engineers and other readers to who are actively involved in the scientific, technical and social issues related to the various types of waste management.