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Where Are We Now? Tsunami Debris Three Years Later

What we perhaps did not realize, as we geared up our initial response, was how deep the partnerships between all stakeholders would become. As months went by and debris washed up piece by piece, the scenarios and plans turned to real action. The action became more routine and the coordination more efficient. What has happened, in the three years we have worked on this issue, is that we now have a solid network of marine debris responders in our Pacific states.

Tsunami Debris and the Hope of Return

Guest post by Kim DeWolff via her blog Plasticized. On a sunny spring morning we walk the Arahama coast near Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region that experienced the March 2011 tsunami. Two years and a few days later, yellowed grass stands in cracked concrete outlines of houses, bathroom tiles still recognizable. A […]
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How to Describe Tsunami Debris

Posted by Max Liboiron A recent post by Nancy Wallace, Director of the NOAA Marine Debris Program, lays out the simple facts of what we do and do not know about floating debris from Japan’s tsunami in the wake of often unfounded, always spectacular coverage by mainstream news. No, there will not be human remains. […]
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