Discard Studies Solidarity Strike

The field of discard studies is united by a critical framework that questions premises of what seems normal or given, what is valued and not valued, and the processes of devaluation and normalization. This includes the devaluation of workers and their labour. Discard studies is also a normative field, working to make systems of discard and devaluation more just.

In this spirit, Discard Studies is going on strike in solidarity with striking graduate students in the University of California system which began at UCSC and has spread to other UC campuses. 54 graduate students at UCSC have been fired for their actions. We are also striking in solidarity with faculty in the UK and the University and College Union (UCU), a trade union representing 110,000 staff at over 70 UK universities. Many of our colleagues, people who have written for Discard Studies, and readership are striking.
We will not resume normal publications until both strikes are over.

Discard Studies is managed by three people– two faculty and a graduate student. To prepare for our solidarity strike, we compensated a graduate student author whose article was scheduled to come out so they could obtain value from publication, and we will continue to pay our graduate student editor their regular weekly wage while they withhold labour. The two faculty do not get paid for work on Discard Studies and will also withhold labour.