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CFP: Discarded & Queered Life: Exploring Urban Political & Queer Ecologies of Value and Exclusion

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Grounding the Ecocritical: Materializing Wastelands and Living on in the Middle East (3/ 1)

Information Salvage

Research challenges the view that environmental regulators are anti-business

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Free student membership in Solid Waste Association of North America

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Bureaucrats and techies leading the pollution resistance against Trump

Fracking, mining, murder: the killer agenda driving migration in Mexico and Central America

CFP: Cities, Public Spaces and Rejects: Encounters and Confrontations between Rurality and Urbanity

CFP: Technical Landscapes: Aesthetics and the Environment in the History of Science and Art

CFP: Living in a Toxic World (1800-2000)

More boys are diagnosed with cancer than girls worldwide – why?

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Trump may reverse US climate policy but will have trouble dismantling EPA

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CFP: Remediation, Restoration and the Environmental Legacies of Extractive Industries in the North

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CFP: The moving boundaries of recycling in and beyond China

CFP: Integrating waste systems: interrogating system boundaries and performance possibilities (AAG 2016)

CFP: Opening the Bin – New perspectives on waste, culture and society from the humanities and the social sciences

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Location, location, location: why South Australia could take the world’s nuclear waste

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