CFP: Suspensions: Atmospherics of the Anthropocene (deadline May 26)

Community repair: a pop-up alternative to the throwaway society

Putting Dirt in its Place: The Contemporary Politics of Waste (Conference in Cambridge, UK. June 2017)

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CFP: Waste, Materialities & Meaning: Anthropological Engagements with Reuse, Repair and Care (4/7 deadline)

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Difference in the Anthropocene: Indigenous Environmentalism in the Face of Settler Colonialism

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Pre-doctoral Fellowship in nuclear waste in Japan (US citizens only)

CFP: Food Packaging: Uncovering the History (December, Tokyo)

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CFP-Crip Technoscience

CFP: Discarded & Queered Life: Exploring Urban Political & Queer Ecologies of Value and Exclusion

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Grounding the Ecocritical: Materializing Wastelands and Living on in the Middle East (3/ 1)

Information Salvage

Research challenges the view that environmental regulators are anti-business

CFP: Knowledge/Culture/Ecologies

Free student membership in Solid Waste Association of North America

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