CFP: Informality, legitimacy and authority in the age of the “Circular Economy” (AAG)

CFP: Trash Postgraduate Symposium (Vienna)

3 PhD positions in “Hazardous Travels: Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy”

CFP: Beyond the ‘end of Cheap Nature’: The production of waste-based commodity frontiers (AAG)

CFP: Ecologies of Toxicity

CFP: Unnecessary, Unwanted and Uncalled-for: A Workshop on Uselessness

Modular electronic products and waste

Modern Waste and Industrial Ruins in the Anthropocene

CFP: Analytics for the Anthropocene: Socioecological futures and scale

Article Alert for Discard Studies! (August 2016)

CFP: Racism’s Toxic Entanglements in the Age of Flint and Ferguson (AAG 2017)

CFP: Changing Secondhand Economies

Ethnographic Refusal: A How to Guide

Article Alerts in Discard Studies (June-July 2016)


CFP: Rust/Resistance: Works of Recovery, ASLE Biennial

Treasure from trash: how mining waste can be mined a second time

CFP: Chernobyl – Turning Point or Catalyst? Changing Practices, Structures and Perceptions in Environmental Policy and Politics (1970s-1990s)

Workshop: Opening the Bin – New perspectives on waste, culture and society from the humanities and the social sciences

A Brief History of Anti-Capitalism, Pulled from a Dumpster

Article Alert! New texts in discard studies

Anthropocene Adjustments: Discarding the Technosphere

A Bibliography for Teaching Flint

Tomorrow! Free training call on “What You Need To Know About Contaminated Drinking Water: A Focus on Lead”

Workshop Circulaciones Icomodas (Mayo 19)

Drawing the Invisible: An interview with the illustrator for the Radiation Monitoring Project

CFP: ASLE Graduate Symposium 2016: Toxic Borders and Bondages (May 25)

Reconciliation’s Waste: heritage and waste in post-apartheid South Africa

CFP: Towards an ecology of neglected things

Article Alert! Table of Contents for new texts in Discard Studies

Thompson on Sills, ‘Toxic War: The Story of Agent Orange’

CFP: Timescales

Environmental historians get wasted: ASEH conference report

CFP: Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene: A Colloquium

Nutrient Rifts

Bibliography on Action-Based Research Methods

Article Alert! New articles and books in Discard Studies

CFP: Transecology: Transgender Perspectives on the Environment

Film Screening: The Swap

CFP: Living and Dying with “Waste Infrastructure”: Affect and Practicalities (AAA)

CFP: Ambient Matter: Sensorial Engagements with a Toxic World (AAA)

Refusal as Research Method in Discard Studies

Dumpster Diving at the World’s Largest Particle Accelerator

The Politics of Recycling vs. Reusing

Toxic Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance: A Summary in Tweets

Inclusive recycling Workshop (April 2016, Amsterdam)

CFP: Ethics and Transboundary Waste Movements (3/20/16)

Municipal versus Industrial Waste: Questioning the 3-97 ratio

CFP: Circles, flows and dead ends: re-calibrating socio-material relations and the rise of the ‘circular economy’ (3/11/16)

How to do a household waste audit–and why