Flier posted around Texas State University this week.

In Trump’s America, 72% of the population is disposable


Ethnographic Refusal: A How to Guide


Toxic Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance: A Summary in Tweets

These plastics were collected by BabyLegs in the Mystic River, Boston. The squares on the page are 1 cm x 1 cm.

Article Alert! Redefining pollution and action: The matter of plastics

Food Not Bombs diner and-or volunteer, Tompkins Square Park, New York City, 1996. Photograph courtesy Vikki Law.

Dumpsters, difference, and illiberal embodiment

Image by 
Jay Hilgert.
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Article Alert! Place and Defilement Signposts Toward a New Theory of Purity in Sibley’s Geographies of Exclusion

Art by Loren Crabbe, from the series “Purging Abjection.”

Abjection: A definition for discard studies

“The Era of Antibiotics” by Robert A. Thom, 1950s.

Petri Dish


Article Alert-Becoming Pure: The Civil Sphere, Media Practices and Constructing Civil Purification


Body Burdens, Biomonitoring, and Biocitizenship