CFP: Technical Landscapes: Aesthetics and the Environment in the History of Science and Art

Health Effects of Uranium. Radiation Monitoring Project.

Drawing the Invisible: An interview with the illustrator for the Radiation Monitoring Project

Concept of one Dettah Yourth: keep the site ugly so everyone knows something bad has happened here.

Designing for the Future at Giant Mine

Photograph by Andrew Moore.

The Perils of Ruin Porn: Slow Violence and the Ethics of Representation

Art by Loren Crabbe, from the series “Purging Abjection.”

Abjection: A definition for discard studies

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A Cabinet of Curiosities for the Anthropocene


Bringing Waste to Public Spaces: Discussion with Artist Keeley Haftner

Art by Fran Crowe

CFP: The Aesthetics of Trash


Crowdsourcing light pollution data: A means of infrastructure awareness?


Calling All Readers: Discard Studies Fiction?