Masixole Feni - Toilets

Reconciliation’s Waste: heritage and waste in post-apartheid South Africa

Concept of one Dettah Yourth: keep the site ugly so everyone knows something bad has happened here.

Designing for the Future at Giant Mine

Image produced with a Thermal Flashlight by the Firelog Collective. Hotter areas are red, and colder areas are blue. Green indicates the mid-range of temperature.

Wasted Heat as Northern Commons: Hot Spots in the Square

Photograph by Andrew Moore.

The Perils of Ruin Porn: Slow Violence and the Ethics of Representation


Article Alert- The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy as a zoning technology: analyzing the spatial and temporal dimensions of obsolescence


New Edited Volume on Imperial Debris: On Ruins and Ruination

Article Alert- The ruins of Erskine Beveridge


Installation @ AAA: Urban Infrastructure: Obsolescence and Futurity Walking Tour

"Bodie Ghost Town" by artist Ben Pacificar.

Arrested Decay: The Exorcism of an American Ghost Town

Piles of shaved bricks in Red Army Camp. March 2010. Photo by Shih-yang Kao.

Review: The City Recycled: The Afterlives of Demolished Buildings in Post-war Beijing