Bibliography on Action-Based Research Methods

Press photographing damaged books at the conference announcing a lawsuit against the City of New York (Photo: M. Oman-Reagan)

“The Dregs of the Library”: Trashing the Occupy Wall Street Library

Photo by Staten Isand Advance/Steve White. January 4, 2013.

Commissioner of NYC’s Department of Sanitation on Hurricane Sandy


Archive Alert! Chicago Recycling Coalition

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Article alert- Undocumented migration, use wear, and the materiality of habitual suffering in the Sonoran Desert

Post-Sandy "short dump" at Jacob Riis Park. November 13, 2012. Photo by Michael Anton, DSNY.

Trash, debris, or neither? The Nature of Waste During Disaster

Article Alert- The ruins of Erskine Beveridge

Research team sniffs the mulch. Different ages of compost smell very differently.

The Decompository at the Arnold Arboretum

Thai Buddha amulet, c.1920. "This small pottery amulet has an image in relief of Somdej, a Buddhist monk and son to King Rama II, meditating on a coiled snake, and was found in a temple in Siam (Modern Thailand) in the first part of the 19th century. These are typically found snugly fitted into tiny metal frames, allowing the amulet to be worn by a worshiper. In this case, the metal frame broke off and the owner or a tinker came up with a fast and economical remedy by encasing the amulet in what looks like small scale chicken wire."

Inventive repair, or, the aesthetics of material hacks

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Litterati: A Digital Landfill of Good-Looking Trash