Salvaged fragment. Photograph by Creative Salvage.

Information Salvage

Press photographing damaged books at the conference announcing a lawsuit against the City of New York (Photo: M. Oman-Reagan)

“The Dregs of the Library”: Trashing the Occupy Wall Street Library

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A Cabinet of Curiosities for the Anthropocene


A floating cabinet of contaminated curiosities launches 6/28

Image of the potential Elder Scrolls Online Daedric Artifacts

Archaeogaming and punk archeology in discard studies

"Bodie Ghost Town" by artist Ben Pacificar.

Arrested Decay: The Exorcism of an American Ghost Town


Not scrap metal

Gallery of Lost Art, Tate Modern online.

Gallery of Lost Art: A Treasure Trove of Discard Techniques


CFP: History and Cultural Representations of Human Remains