Bureaucrats and techies leading the pollution resistance against Trump


Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

A rotary milking parlor at a modern dairy facility. Photo by Gunnar Richter. CC BY-SA 3.0.

Dumping Milk from the Treadmill of Production


Modular electronic products and waste

John M. Grunsfeld helps to repair and replace the power control unit on the Hubble Telescope on NASA’s third service mission. The last and final service mission was in 2009. Photo taken on 2 March 2002. From Wikimedia Commons.

Anthropocene Adjustments: Discarding the Technosphere


Dumpster Diving at the World’s Largest Particle Accelerator


Piping as poison: the Flint water crisis and America’s toxic infrastructure

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Trading on distortion

The Ice Cream Scoop is designed to be trawled behind people while they are in the water.

Building DIY citizen science technology to see invisible marine plastics


The Ocean Conservatory’s Call for Mass Incineration in Asia: Disposability for Profit, Fantasies of Containment, & Colonialism