CFP: Theorizing Harm


Take a deep breath – here’s what 2016 revealed about the deadly dangers of air pollution

Image from Toxic By Design (2016) report. Illustration by Adam Cross. CC

How toxic flame retardant chemicals become-and stay-ubiquitous in our homes and bodies


On Solidarity and Molecules (#MakeMuskratRight)


Ethnographic Refusal: A How to Guide

Video still from TruthSec Anons, "A Messeage To Gov. Richard Dale Synder" (2016).

A Bibliography for Teaching Flint

Health Effects of Uranium. Radiation Monitoring Project.

Drawing the Invisible: An interview with the illustrator for the Radiation Monitoring Project

Defoliant spray run, part of Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War. USAF - National Museum of the U.S. Air Force photo 071002-F-1234P-022

Thompson on Sills, ‘Toxic War: The Story of Agent Orange’

AAA CfP image_Sensorial engagements

CFP: Ambient Matter: Sensorial Engagements with a Toxic World (AAA)

This image of a pregnant Inuk woman was taken during a four month long dump fire that occurred in the Arctic community of Iqaluit, Nunavut. During the fire, pregnant women and women of childbearing age were warned not to go outside due to risks of dioxin contamination. The Inuktitut syllabics written on her hand read ‘Taima’ or ‘enough’, referring to decades of government underfunding that contributed to this and many other dump fires. The image is an example of refusal, as the image refuses to depict Inuit as passive victims of slow violence, instead redirecting attention towards government institutions. The image was distributed to media outlets and became the Facebook profile photo of a local ‘Stop the Dump Fires’ protest group. Photo by Shawn Inuksuk, 2014.

Refusal as Research Method in Discard Studies