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Sending surplus food to charity is not the way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

While giving food that would otherwise go to landfill to hungry people may be a convenient part of a solution to reduce greenhouse gases, it will do little to ensure the well-being of the four million Canadians who are food insecure.

Powerful supermarkets push the cost of food waste onto suppliers, charities

Our research into the issue of corporate social responsibility and wastage of fresh fruit and vegetables has identified a number of tensions and contradictions, despite leading Australian supermarkets’ zero food waste targets.

Dumping Milk from the Treadmill of Production

Over 43 million gallons of milk has been dumped into manure pits and fields the first eight months of 2016. There is too much of it. Yet milk is only the most recent commodity to become waste in an economic system that depends on waste. The Treadmill of Production refers to the processes by which industrial systems achieve consistent growth, and waste plays a central role.

A Brief History of Anti-Capitalism, Pulled from a Dumpster

By Alex V. Barnard “Seeing all the waste exposes very clearly the priorities in our society, that making a profit is more important than feeding people, than preserving the environment, than making use of resources, than honoring peoples’ time, labor, love, and effort. What we see with waste is that once something cannot make money, it […]
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Give the Gift of Waste this Christmas

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, Hubbub and the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) are hosting a range of £5 cooking session across seven North London boroughs to encourage people to turn their food waste into gifts.

Roundtable reviews of “Banned: A History of Pesticides and the Science of Toxicology”

If you’re interested in the history of pesticides and toxicology, Banned provides a detail-oriented, close reading of key 20th century experiments, legislative hearings, events, and texts to investigate how scientific facts and legislative decisions about pesticides were made.

CFP: Food waste scholarship: Recent advances and perspectives from a fragmented field of study

Organised by the International Food Waste and Food Loss Studies Group, this AAG session will: 1) Provide a forum for food waste scholars to share their work, and 2) Create space to begin a conversation between these varying perspectives on food waste.

Dumpsters, difference, and illiberal embodiment

Food Not Bombs and endeavors like it, I would argue, also create the conditions to queer categories of embodiment like race, class, and sex and interrogate their privileged incorporation by prevailing markets, publics, and institutions, cultivating emergent spaces of embodiment, contact, and collaboration across difference.

Food Banks: Canned Justice or Fuel For activism?

By Aaron Vansintjan. How the food industry made waste ‘benevolent’. Food Banks: Canned Justice or Fuel For activism?

Experimental Cuisine Collective on Food Waste 5/21 in Philadelphia

This session of the ECC will focus on the pressing problem of food waste. Using the thinking around the coming of age of experimental cuisine—that traditional and experimental techniques should be understood and learned with the same importance so that the best tool/technique/solution can be used to solve a problem most appropriately—we will explore how both traditional and experimental methods can be employed to mitigate food waste.