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Science with heart

Conservation biologist Alex Bond on dealing with pollution, harm, and suffering as a scientist.

The Ocean Conservatory’s Call for Mass Incineration in Asia: Disposability for Profit, Fantasies of Containment, & Colonialism

The Ocean Conservatory would like to burn 80% of the waste in coastal Asia with US-made incinerators. According to a wide range of experts and grassroots organizations from around the world, that’s a problem.

Plastic Bag Ban Report Call for Papers

Plastic Bag Ban Report is looking for research articles and studies about plastic bags, disposable bags, paper bags, plastic bag bans, and plastic ocean debris. Our intent is to be a more informative resource for municipalities and government agencies who want to consider all the pros and cons of plastic bag regulations. We wish to […]
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Scientists Call to Classify Plastic Waste as Hazardous Waste

By Max Liboiron. An international group of scientists, including the young Chelsea Rochman and Mark Anthony Browne from California, with the support of the veteran marine scientist Richard Thompson from the UK and a host of others from the USA and Japan, has called on policy-makers to classify plastic waste as hazardous waste. Their argument, published in the latest issue of […]
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