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Bibliography on critical approaches to toxics and toxicity

Toxicity, toxins, and toxicants are areas of critical concern because controversies over what they mean, how they act, how they come into being and where, and what counts as evidence have high stake ramifications. These texts offer critical insights into these processes:

Article Alert! New texts in discard studies (May & June 2017)

Since critical discard studies doesn’t (yet!) have its own journal, conference, or department, Discard Studies publishes a regular table of contents alerts for articles, reports, and books in the field. If you are interested in becoming an editor for non-English article alerts on Discard Studies, or know of a recent article for the next article alert, please […]
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Community Responses to Toxic Hazards: A Reading List

A reading list of the David and Goliath story of communities versus industries, governments, and polluting infrastructures.

Recycling Reconsidered: A must-read text for discard studies

If I could only recommend one text in discard studies, it would be Recycling Reconsidered by Samantha MacBride (2011, MIT Press).

CFP: Suspensions: Atmospherics of the Anthropocene (deadline May 26)

This panel aims at expanding the theoretical scope on the Anthropocene by
attuning to air, breathe, volatility, atmospheres and suspension as modes of
attending to the more-than-solid ecologies of the Anthropocene. We ask: what
temporalities, phenomenologies, embodiments, and politics does the
Anthropocene invoke when thought in aerial, eolic, respiratory or
atmospheric terms?

Call for participation: Enacting Environmental Data Justice

Held on Tuesday, August 29, this event will explore possibilities for data justice through a framework of environmental justice.

Special Issue of Continent: “R3pair Volume”

Repair and waste share many points of convergence from an analytical perspective (as well as a practical one!). Continent has just released a special issue all about repair:

Article Alert! New texts in discard studies!

Discard Studies publishes a regular table of contents alerts for articles, reports, and books in the field.

Maintainers II, April 6-9, 2017: Program & Registration

The program is up and registration is open for Maintainers II: Labor, Technology, and Social Orders, which will be held at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ from April 6-9, 2017. Program: Registration, Hotel, Travel: The program features ~71 presentations spread across 18 panels, including 2 opening plenary panels on Thursday afternoon, […]
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Two newly launched open-access waste journals

There are two new open-access journals on waste: Worldwide Waste Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Journal of Waste Management and Environmental Issues