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Modern Waste and Industrial Ruins in the Anthropocene


Ethnographic Refusal: A How to Guide



John M. Grunsfeld helps to repair and replace the power control unit on the Hubble Telescope on NASA’s third service mission. The last and final service mission was in 2009. Photo taken on 2 March 2002. From Wikimedia Commons.

Anthropocene Adjustments: Discarding the Technosphere

Video still from TruthSec Anons, "A Messeage To Gov. Richard Dale Synder" (2016).

A Bibliography for Teaching Flint

Health Effects of Uranium. Radiation Monitoring Project.

Drawing the Invisible: An interview with the illustrator for the Radiation Monitoring Project

Defoliant spray run, part of Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War. USAF - National Museum of the U.S. Air Force photo 071002-F-1234P-022

Thompson on Sills, ‘Toxic War: The Story of Agent Orange’

Cap construction at West Mound. Tire tracks trace the distribution of soil barrier material, and landfill gas wellheads protrude from the surface. | Photo © Michael McWeeney. Photo used with permission.

Environmental historians get wasted: ASEH conference report


CFP: Transecology: Transgender Perspectives on the Environment